Sustainable Europe

Zadig's Sustainability At Reasonable Price 'SARP' strategy

Available as:
UCITS Fund Managed account

Investment Objective

We think our Sustainability at a reasonable price approach can meaningfully outperform the European market by investing in undervalued sustainable European companies.


Our Sustainability at a reasonable price approach means we shall not pay any price to ‘tick the SRI box’. Zadig relies on a hands-on research approach. We build our own valuation models, meet with management of companies, and select the best risk/return opportunities among sustainable European Equities.

We are flexible in our SRI approach: we use third parties for data but rely on our internal assessment of companies’ sustainability today or tomorrow. We have established an exclusion list made up of unsustainable businesses and companies exposed to controversies. Overall, the Sustainable Europe portfolio shows a net positive contribution to sustainable themes. Our SRI approach is well documented and transparent.

Why invest in the Sustainable Europe strategy?

Limited factor exposure. At all times, the portfolio keeps a balanced exposure to cyclical, defensive, growth companies and we carefully monitor and limit factor exposures (value, growth, momentum, etc.) through advanced proprietary quantitative analysis.

We bring diversification to investors. By avoiding consensual Sustainable investments, the portfolio looks and behaves differently from other SRI strategies, offering welcome diversification to our investors.

Engagement. As the book is concentrated around our best sustainable ideas, we keep a close contact with management and are in a great position to engage with companies on their sustainability agenda.


Sustainable Europe

Portfolio Characteristics

  • Market Caps:     Mid to Large
  • Number of investments:     20/30
  • Active share     ~90%

Fund Managers

Louis Larere
Louis Larere

Co Head - SRI Strategy

Luc Pez
Luc Pez

Co Head - SRI Strategy

Want to know more?

Zadig is committed to a high level of transparency with existing and potential investors. We rely on data to illustrate our investment philosophy and on the human touch to discuss and answer questions.