Memnon ARP Strategy

Zadig's global macro strategy designed to generate steady returns and protect capital from inflation

Available as:
UCITS Fund Managed account

Investment Objective

We think the Memnon ARP strategy can generate regular positive returns for investors by taking directional Long or Short exposures on global markets and protect investors’ capital from inflation


Core Directional: The investments process relies on a systematic analysis of hundreds of complementary variables that translates into capital allocation to the most promising asset classes (Govts bonds, Equities, Commodities, Credit) in each region of the world.

Satellite: To enhance performance and possibly generate returns in all market conditions, notably in markets with no clear trend, market neutral strategies in Equities, Bonds and FX complete the Core strategy.

Why invest in Memnon ARP

Hedge for inflation. Historically equities are not inflation proof. Companies need to cope with rising production prices and preserve their margins. Through its capacity to short the bond market, the Equity market and go long commodities, Memnon ARP is fully equipped and prepared to deal with an inflationary environment.

Participation to macro trends. Interventionism and stimulus plans are building a track for markets to continue their expansion. At the same time, vulnerability and fragility is looming, hence the necessity to be agile and flexible.


Memnon ARP

Portfolio Characteristics

Risk management:    volatility <8%

Gross exposure:    max 200% (core)

Net exposure:
– Bonds   -50% to 200%
– Equities   -25% to 100%
– Commodities   0% to 30%
– Credit   0% to 10%

Fund Manager

Sébastien Maillard
Sébastien Maillard, CFA

Head - Global Macro Strategies

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